My KeySearch Review as a Blogger

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2020)

Keysearch is a research tool where you can search for important keywords needed to optimize your SEO. Not long ago, I was using other keywords research tools such as Ubbersuggest, and Google Keyword Planner. Although they are useful, I am not satisfied because I am looking for more detailed keyword search tools. Also, other good keyword tools such as Ahref is too expensive for newly established bloggers like me.

Not long ago, I joined for a month in Food Blogger Pro, a place where we connect, learn and communicate with other food bloggers. My blog, The Odehlicious, is a food blog that shares recipes and review restaurants. And I want to learn more about how to increase my traffic and my SEO. When I asked questions in their forum, one of the expert-recommended me to use the Keysearch tool. 

This was the first time I tried using the Keysearch trial version, and I am very satisfied with using their research tool. I observed that it helps optimize my SEO by choosing keywords that show low competition and high traffic, which gradually helps increased my traffic. It made my life easier since I can find keywords that can help me identify what the readers are looking for. I must say this is one of the most important tools to use if you want to increase traffic.

Below is the full detail of my Keysearch Review Tool.

Trial Version of Keysearch

When you opened their website, you will have to create an account first using your email address and passwords. Once you type in and received their verification via email, you will be given the privilege to access their tool for 1 month. Because this is a trial version, you can only search up to 5 keywords per day for 1 month. If it already one month, you will have to upgrade your subscription.

Subscription rate per month

To subscribe to their keyword tools, you can avail of 200 credits just for 17 US dollars. 200 Credits mean that you can search 200 keywords per day which is more than enough. If you want to upgrade to 500 credits, you will only pay 34 US Dollars per month.

In my opinion, this is extremely affordable compared to Ahref. In Ahref, you have to pay 99 $ per month which is too expensive unless you have large traffics and your website is very popular. 

Keyword Research

In the Menu Bar in Keysearch, when you click the Keyword Research, it will take you to search tool where you can search any keywords you like.

Keysearch tool review

On this page, you can see the Volumes, CPC, PPC and the Scores. For me, the scores and the volume is the most important thing when choosing the right keywords. That is because the Volume can determine how much viewers are searching this word per month. I usually search volume that has more than 500 viewers. 

And the Scores can determine how competitive is this keyword. One thing to know that even if the Volume is large enough, you may not use this keyword. Unless the score indicates that it is low competition. This is what I usually do when I search for any food recipes that are less competitive. In my experience, I choose keywords that have a score below 40. Below is the list of the range scores when choosing your keywords.

  • 19 and below: Easy
  • 20 to 29: Fairly Easy
  • 30 to 39: Easy-Moderate
  • 40 to 49: Moderate
  • 50 and above: Hard

If you are a newly established blogger or those with low Domain Authority. I highly suggest you keywords below 30. However, I still choose keywords below 40, and most of my contents are rank within top 3 pages

The Screenshot you see above is one of the keywords I was searching for. This is a restaurant based in the Philippines, and I am making a review of this place. Currently, this keyword I used to rank on the first page in Google which helps me gain traffic.

Note: If you have a strong domain authority and a high traffic, you can use highly competitive keywords that scores 50 and above.

Keysearch History

Based on my Keysearch review, one thing I like about this tool is that you can browse the history of your keywords without retyping them. That way, you will not consume your free credits in your trial version or the 200 credits in your paid version.

Keysearch tool review

The screenshot you see above is the list of keywords I search for my blog. Of course, because mine is a food blog, I search only food recipes and restaurants that have low competition and good volumes. However, in my trial version, the keysearch history shows only up to 50 entries – meaning if you type more than 60 or 80 keywords, they will only show the latest 50 keywords you type in the search bar.

Keysearch Explorer

In the Keysearch menu bar, just in the right side of Keysearch Research, there is a page called Explorer which I find it interesting. In this page, you can explore further details about your website domain.

Keysearch tool review

For example, in my screenshot above, it shows your backlink, referring domain, domain strength, the percentage of dofollow links, and organic keywords. But, I don’t find it unique because this is found in almost all other website SEO analysis.

However, one particular factor that I find this important is that when you search for any website domain, they can show the scores that you need to target when searching for keywords. Since I search my website The Odehlicious, it states that the score I need to target must be 31 or less. This means that it is highly recommended that any keywords I searched should score 31 or below which is under the category of easy to moderate. If you have a new blog, I suggest you should the score to target in Keysearch. They are important for your SEO which will help you gain organic traffic.

Youtube Research

Youtube Research is another feature that is found in In Youtube Research, it is similar to Keyword Research where you can type any keywords you are looking for. Furthermore, it shows an important metric for your keywords such as numbers of like & Dislikes, Viewers, Comments and other things that you might find it useful.

If you are vlogger or have videos in your blog, then this is very useful for you. However, because I don’t have videos yet in my blog, I can’t say much in my keysearch review in this post.

Conclusion of my Keysearch review

As a food blogger, is one of the best keyword tools I tried. It is simple and straight forward. It provided further details about the keyword such as the scores, the volume, CPC and related keywords.

In my experience, I noticed that ever since I am using Keysearch tool, my page rank increases which helps increased my organic traffic. Most of the keywords you see in my food blog are all based on keysearch. In addition to that, it also provides details about your website domain which is important for your SEO such as the target scores.

I hope you learn something in my keysearch review, and if you will like to check it out, here is the link provided


    • Hi Beth. I personally recommend using keysearch tool. Most of my keywords you see in my blog are based on this tool. It was recommend by one of the SEO expert from a Food Blog community called Food Blogger Pro. In my experience, I enjoyed using it since it is easy and straight forward. Also, it is extremely affordable compared to other keyword tools. Hope this help.

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