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Rice Recipes

These are delicious rice recipes from around the world where you can enjoy cooking them at your kitchen.



Shanghai Fried Rice in a plate
Asian Food, Main Course, Rice Recipes

Easy Shanghai Fried Rice Recipe

Shanghai Fried Rice is a Chinese fried rice that is mixed with vegetables, sauces and meat. This is one of my favorite fried rice and you can eat this alone without any side dishes or soup. That is because this fried rice is already seasoned, and it has protein and […]

Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe
Asian Food, Main Course, Rice Recipes

Easy Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe

Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe is a korean rice dish that is mixed with kimchi, bean sprout and gochujang sauce. It is served with sunny side up egg to add some protein. This is a vegetarian dish which is healthy and delicious. Furthermore, If you will like to add meat, ground […]