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Bangus Sisig served with calamansi
Seafood Recipes

Bangus Sisig Recipe: A Filipino Flaked Milkfish

Bangus Sisig Recipe is a Filipino dish that is mixed with chopped onion, chili peppers, milkfish, and seasoning sauces. This is a Kapampangan dish which is originated from a philippine province in the Island of Luzon called Pampanga. It is one of my favorite local dishes in the Philippines which is perfect to eat with […]

Shanghai Fried Rice in a plate
Rice Recipes

Easy Shanghai Fried Rice Recipe

Shanghai Fried Rice is a Chinese fried rice that is mixed with vegetables, sauces and meat. This is one of my favorite fried rice and you can eat this alone without any side dishes or soup. That is because this fried rice is already seasoned, and it has protein and vegetables to fill up your […]

scrambled eggs with mushrooms
Breakfast Recipes

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms recipe

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms is my favorite breakfast meal which is a scrambled egg mixed with mushrooms and onions. It is one of the simplest breakfast recipe to make while in the house. Furthermore, it is perfect to eat with toast bread, tortilla or even pancake. We all know the breakfast is a very important […]

Chicken Majboos with Basmati rice
Chicken Recipes

An Authentic Chicken Majboos Recipe:

Chicken Majboos Recipe is an Arabic spiced rice dish that is serve with chicken. It is considered a national dish in Arabian Gulf State in the Middle East. Just for your information, I was born in Kuwait and lived there for almost 18 years, and I learned so much about their history and culture. One […]

Food choices in Cabalen Restaurant
Food Review

Cabalen Restaurant: A Filipino Buffet

Cabalen Restaurant is a popular Filipino buffet restaurant which is located in several branches in the Philippines. It offers authentic Filipino cuisines that serve appetizers, main dish, and desserts. The first time I tried in this restaurant when I was invited by my Uncle during his birthday. When he told me that we will be […]

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My KeySearch Review as a Blogger

Keysearch is a research tool where you can search for important keywords needed to optimize your SEO. Not long ago, I was using other keywords research tools such as Ubbersuggest, and Google Keyword Planner. Although they are useful, I am not satisfied because I am looking for more detailed keyword search tools. Also, other good […]

Slices of Refrigerator Dill pickles in a plate
Vegetarian Recipe

Easy Refrigerator Dill Pickles Recipe

Refrigerator Dill Pickles Recipe are vegetables that are immersed with an brine solution and stored in a jar. It is placed in a refrigerator for at least a week before serving. I love eating Pickle and they serve perfectly when eating with sandwiches. Also, they are great appetizers and side dishes. Usually, in most recipes […]

Beef Lumpia
Beef Recipes

Beef Lumpia Recipe (Filipino Spring Roll)

Beef Lumpia Recipe is a Filipino egg roll dish that is mixed with beef, vegetables, and sauces. Among locals, we called it Lumpiang Shanghai, which is one of the most popular street foods in the Philippines. There are varieties of lumpia in the Philippine, which could be either fresh or fried. But, in this post, we are […]

Food Review

Casa Verde Cebu: My Unbiased Food Review

Casa Verde Cebu is an American casual dining restaurant that is located in Cebu City in the Philippines. They offer delicious American foods such as burgers, ribs, fried chickens, shakes and desserts. One of the advantages of living in Cebu City is that you will find great restaurants that are popular among locals and tourists. […]