About Me

Hello Food Lovers!

My name is Dr. Saif Al Deen Odeh. I am a Jordanian Filipino proudly born in Kuwait. I am a Physical Therapist by profession, and a Foodie by passion who loves anything about food.

I started learning how to cook when I was 12 years old. Both of my parents are skilled in cooking, and I learn it from them. Because I am exposed to foreign foods and culture, this inspires me to cook and share my food recipes. And this is when I decided to create my food blog called The Odehlicious.

The Odehlicious is a food blog that cook and shares international/foreign food recipes, and review restaurants and street foods in Cebu and in the Philippines. My food blog is mostly halal and pork-free food.

Please remember that when doing food review in a restaurant or street food, I am using my own expenses, which I am reviewing based on my personal experience.

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