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Food choices in Cabalen Restaurant
Food Review

Cabalen Restaurant: A Filipino Buffet

Cabalen Restaurant is a popular Filipino buffet restaurant which is located in several branches in the Philippines. It offers authentic Filipino cuisines that serve appetizers, main dish, and desserts. The first time I tried in this restaurant when I was invited by my Uncle during his birthday. When he told me that we will be […]

Food Review

Casa Verde Cebu: My Unbiased Food Review

Casa Verde Cebu is an American casual dining restaurant that is located in Cebu City in the Philippines. They offer delicious American foods such as burgers, ribs, fried chickens, shakes and desserts. One of the advantages of living in Cebu City is that you will find great restaurants that are popular among locals and tourists. […]

The Market by Sugbo Mercado
Food Review

The Market by Sugbo Mercado: My Honest Review

Sugbo Mercado is a very popular food market in Cebu which has varieties of international food stalls. Furthermore, they serve commonly Southeast Asian, Korean, Japanese and even western foods in this food market. This place is very popular among local and foreign tourists. That is because in Cebu City, the street food is not popular, […]

Food Review

Laguna Garden Cafe: Authentic Filipino Restaurant

Laguna Garden Cafe is a restaurant that serve an authentic filipino food. When I was living in Kuwait, Filipino food is not as popular as Japanese, Thai or Chinese Food. I wasn’t aware much of their food since its underappreciated. Every time when I watch food channels, they usually talk about other Asian Cuisines, but […]

Food Review

Samgyupsalamat Cebu: My Honest Review!

Samgyupsalamat Cebu is a Korean restaurant that offers unlimited barbecue meat such as beef and pork. It is becoming one of the most popular Korean food places in the Philippines. And I am here to find out why it is a very popular place to eat. Personally, I love korean food, and I tried many […]

Food Review

Ilaputi Cebu – A unique Asian Fusion Restaurant

Ilaputi is a unique Asian fusion restaurants that is located in Cebu City. Specifically, they serve a combination of Asian food with Middle eastern and Western fusion. Most of us love eating Asian food because of spices and it is healthy. This restaurant is very interesting since it is a fusion, which I don’t find […]

Korean food in Barangay Seoul
Food Review

Barangay Seoul: My Review in this Buffet Restaurant

In the Philippines, it is not surprising that the majority of young people love Korean food, especially students and millennials. In Cebu city, there are almost Korean restaurants everywhere in the street, but not all of them are affordable. Luckily, there is a Korean restaurant that is considered student-friendly, and affordable. This restaurant is called […]

Yakimix Buffet in Cebu
Food Review

My Honest Lunch Experience in Yakimix Buffet

Yakimix is a buffet restaurant where you can do grilling, eat and drink all you want. They serve Asian foods, mostly Korean, Japanese and Chinese food. In addition to that, they have several branches in the Philippines which is a popular buffet restaurant. Also, because I tried in Cebu City, I will be providing my […]