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Chicken Croquette recipe
Food Recipe

The Best Chicken Croquette Recipe

Chicken Croquette is a fried creamy meat roll that is made from chicken, milk, onion, butter, and other herbs. This recipe is one of my favorite chicken appetizers since it is delicious and simple to make. The first time I tried this croquette when I ate in a fine dining restaurant called the suite room, […]

Penne Carbonara Recipe
Food Recipe

A Creamy Penne Carbonara Recipe

Penne Carbonara is one of my favorite pasta I tried in my life. In my experience, I tried many pasta dishes in many restaurants, and most of them taste different but delicious. These pasta include spaghetti, lasagna, alfredo or carbonara. Today, I will love to share with you the recipe of how to cook a […]

The Market by Sugbo Mercado
Food Review

The Market by Sugbo Mercado: My Honest Review

Sugbo Mercado is a very popular food market in Cebu which has varieties of international food stalls. Furthermore, they serve commonly Southeast Asian, Korean, Japanese and even western foods in this food market. This place is very popular among local and foreign tourists. That is because in Cebu City, the street food is not popular, […]

Food Review

Laguna Garden Cafe: Authentic Filipino Restaurant

When I was living in Kuwait, Filipino food is not as popular as Japanese, Thai or Chinese Food. I wasn’t aware much of their food since its underappreciated. Every time when I watch food channels, they usually talk about other Asian Cuisines, but rarely about Filipino cuisines. Furthermore, the street food in the Philippines is […]

Makdous - Pickled Eggplant
Food Recipe

An Easy Makdous Recipe (Pickled Eggplant)

When I was in Kuwait, we had our dinner in my late grand father’s house. We were eating middle eastern food, and most of these foods were eaten using pita bread. I noticed one of the foods we eat is a popular Levantine dish called Makdous. Levantine and Middle Eastern food offers some of the best […]

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Healthy Sauteed Chicken Liver Recipe

Chicken liver is a very nutritious organ that has high protein and folate. I remember when one of my relatives has anemia, the doctor recommends her consuming diet high in iron. Chicken liver has a high amount of iron, vitamin B12, and vitamin A. Not only they are delicious, but it is healthy and nutritious. However, […]

Food Review

Samgyupsalamat Cebu: My Honest Review!

Samgyupsalamat Cebu is a Korean restaurant that offers unlimited barbecue meat such as beef and pork. It is becoming one of the most popular Korean food places in the Philippines. And I am here to find out why it is a very popular place to eat. Personally, I love korean food, and I tried many […]

Mini Pizza in a Tray
Food Recipe

Best Mini Pizza Recipe for Kids and Families

Everybody loves eating Pizza, but have you tried baking mini pizza? Mini Pizza is a little pizza that is mixed with cheese, sausages and other toppings you like. It is perfect for kids and adults as well. When I was a kid, every Thursday we have a family gathering in our grandparent’s house, where we […]