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Laguna Garden Cafe: Authentic Filipino Restaurant

When I was living in Kuwait, Filipino food is not as popular as Japanese, Thai or Chinese Food. I wasn’t aware much of their food since its underappreciated. Every time when I watch food channels, they usually talk about other Asian Cuisines, but rarely about Filipino cuisines. Furthermore, the street food in the Philippines is […]

Makdous - Pickled Eggplant
Food Recipe

An Easy Makdous Recipe (Pickled Eggplant)

When I was in Kuwait, we had our dinner in my late grand father’s house. We were eating middle eastern food, and most of these foods were eaten using pita bread. I noticed one of the foods we eat is a popular Levantine dish called Makdous. Levantine and Middle Eastern food offers some of the best […]

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Healthy Sauteed Chicken Liver Recipe

Chicken liver is a very nutritious organ that has high protein and folate. I remember when one of my relatives has anemia, the doctor recommends her consuming diet high in iron. Chicken liver has a high amount of iron, vitamin B12, and vitamin A. Not only they are delicious, but it is healthy and nutritious. However, […]

Food Review

Samgyupsalamat Cebu: My Honest Review!

Samgyupsalamat is a Korean buffet restaurant that offers unlimited barbecue meat such as beef and pork. It is becoming one of the most popular Korean restaurants in the Philippines. And I am here to find out why it is a very popular place to eat. Personally, I love korean food, and I tried many amazing […]

Mini Pizza in a Tray
Food Recipe

Best Mini Pizza Recipe for your Family

Everybody loves eating Pizza, but have you tried baking mini pizza? Mini Pizza is a little pizza that is mixed with cheese, sausages and other toppings you like. It is perfect for kids and adults as well. When I was a kid, every Thursday we have a family gathering in our grandparent’s house, where we […]

International Chicken Recipe
Food Recipe

Top 12 Best International Chicken Recipes

People say that to understand their foreign culture, it all started with the food. There are dozen of amazing international chicken recipes from around the world that are so delicious. They can be found from America to Asia continents. Each country has its own ingredients and spices that make their food very unique and mouthwatering. […]

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A Very Simple Chicken Molokhia Recipe

When I was a kid, I lived most of my time in Kuwait, and I ate a delicious middle eastern dish called Chicken Molokhia. Chicken Molokhia is a popular Vegetarian Arabic recipes which is made from a leaves called Jute leaves. Because this is a Molokhia soup, it is served perfectly with rice. Apparently, this […]

A recipe of a cauliflower fritters
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A Cauliflower Fritters Recipe with Dill

Cauliflower fritters are one of my favorite fritters I made in my kitchen. I love cauliflower, and I used it when I cooked the chicken or vegetarian dishes. The first time I ate this dish was my father’s cauliflower fritters recipe. One time he made a sandwich, which he added tomatoes, mayo sauce, and fritter. […]