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spinach omelette recipe
Breakfast Recipes

Spinach Omelette Recipe

Spinach Omelette Recipe is an egg dish that is mixed with fried egg and spinach cooked in frying pan. It is a popular breakfast meal which is eaten with bread, pancake or even rice. I love omelette and this is one of my favorite and easiest breakfast recipe. Not only it is delicious, but it […]

Keto Tuna Patties with Lettuce
Appetizers and Finger Food

Keto Tuna Patties Recipe

Keto Tuna Patties are delicious tuna patties that are mix with herbs, fish sauce, and egg. These patties are perfect to eat with sandwiches or it can be just your ordinary appetizer. When I eat canned tuna, I either use it with my Homemade flatbread or making a sandwiches. I love eating canned tuna since […]

Food Recipe

Easy Greek Flatbread Recipe

Greek Flatbread Recipe is a round flatbread dough recipe which is made from flour, water and yeast. Flatbread is very popular and widely used in the Middle East, Asia and other Mediterranean countries. This is one of my favorite bread which I like to eat it with some of my Middle Eastern and Asian dishes […]

Roasted Herb Chicken with slices of lemon and dill
Chicken Recipes

Easy Roasted Herb Chicken Recipe

Roasted Herb Chicken is an oven-baked chicken that is mixed with many spices and herbs. My roasted chicken is flavorful which has a crispy texture on the outside but moist meat on the inside. I love eating chicken, and I tend to eat this with flatbread or rice. In my experience, I tried many kinds […]

Chicken Sandwich Spread serve with cucumber and tomatoes
Chicken Recipes

Chicken Sandwich Spread Recipe

Chicken Sandwich Spread Recipe is a delicious chicken sandwich which is mixed with mayonnaise, shredded chicken breast, onion, and lettuce. This is perfect to eat with french fries or any chips you like. Personally, I love eating any sandwiches with my pickles. The sweetness from this sandwich and sourness of the pickle fits perfectly. The […]

Butter Chicken garnished with parsley
Chicken Recipes

An Easy Butter Chicken Recipe

Butter Chicken Recipe is an Indian chicken dish which is mixed with butter, spices, tomatoes, and cream. It is slightly spicy which is best to eat with rice or bread. In India, they called this dish Murgh Makhani. This is one of the most popular chicken dishes from around the world. Despite it is originated […]

Chicken Pad Thai serve with calamansi in a plate
Chicken Recipes, Food Recipe

Easy Chicken Pad Thai Recipe

Chicken Pad Thai Recipe is a Thai rice noodle dish which is mix with chicken, vegetables and a special sauce. This is a very popular street food among locals which is consider a national dish of Thailand. Thai food has one of the best cuisines in the world. It is very flavorful and it has […]