Yakimix Buffet in Cebu

My Honest Lunch Experience in Yakimix Buffet

(Last Updated On: March 3, 2020)

Yakimix is a buffet restaurant where you can do grilling, eat and drink all you want. They serve Asian foods, mostly Korean, Japanese and Chinese food. In addition to that, they have several branches in the Philippines which is a popular buffet restaurant. Also, because I tried in Cebu City, I will be providing my review based on that place.

The Location and the Price

Yakimix Buffet Cebu is located in the ground level in Capitol Square in Cebu City, which is located in the same building where the gym Anytime Fitness is found.

The price of Yakimix Buffet depends on the time of the day. Firstly, if you eat at lunchtime which is from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm, the rate will be 528 Philippine pesos. Also, if you eat at dinner between 5:30 to 11:30 pm, the rate will be 628 Philippine pesos. Lastly, do take note that if there will be holidays or weekends, the rate will be fixed, which is 628 philippine peso. This policy is found in all buffet restaurants in the Philippines.

My Experience in Yakimix Buffet

When we entered Yakimix, we were welcomed and greeted by the staff, which they showed our table where we will eat. I must say the place looks big on the inside, which is comfortable and looks classy. Furthermore, I noticed each table have their griller, where you can grill your favorite meat and seafood.

Inside view of Yakimix

After we have our table, we decided to get our plates and choose the food. Make sure you come here when you are hungry because there are many sections you can choose. There are a meat and seafood section where you can grill beef, chicken, pork, salmon, shrimp, and other seafood. Also, there is a salad and sushi section, which looks very delicious to eat. Also, they have a Korean section where there are varieties of sauce and side dishes that are typically found in Korean restaurants.

Varieties of meat to grill in Yakimix

But wait, there is still more to choose. Don’t forget we still have the most important section to choose from- the main dish section. In this section, they have pizza, rice dishes, chicken and beef dishes, noodles, grilled chicken, Gyoza, siomai and many more others. In my experience, I noticed the main dish section serves mostly Chinese food. Nonetheless, they look all delicious, and I cannot eat all of it.

Foods to choose in Yakimix

And lastly, we still have room for dessert. They have a dessert section where you can choose any kind of cakes. But that is not the only one. They have ice cream, and ingredients where you can customize your favorite Halo Halo, which I forgot to get a picture. If I remember correctly, they only have 4 kinds of ice cream- Vanilla, Strawberry, Ube, and Mango Ice cream.

You cannot finish your official meal with out dessert. Right?

Desserts to choose in Yakimix

Our Food in Yakimix Buffet

Because this is a buffet, we brought as many foods as we can. I am surprised this is the first time they serve clubhouse and french fries, which I brought along with the pizza. I also brought grilled chicken, shrimp, noodle and others that I can’t recall the name of the dish.

Of course, we also grilled our meat. Based on the picture, we are grilling the chicken and the beef. We also grilled some seafood such as salmon and shrimp, but we did not include the picture. Nonetheless, they are all delicious.

Grilling the meat in Yakimix

Lastly, I also brought a soup called Tom Yum Soup. This is a sour and mildly spicy Thai soup, which has shrimp and squid ball. If you love spicy food, then you are going to love this.

Tom Yum Soup in Yakimix

My Review in Yakimix Buffet

Compared to other buffet restaurants, they provide great Asian foods, which I feel satisfied with. There were so many foods to choose from, and they all taste good. One of my favorite in Yakimix buffet is grilling the meat and seafood, and you can get them as many foods as you want. One of my beef I ate is teriyaki beef, which is very tasty and well seasoned.

If you love Korean, Chinese or Japanese, then I promise you this is one of the most recommended buffet restaurants in Cebu City. In my opinion, the price is relatively affordable compared to other buffet restaurants. That is because they do not offer as many foods compared to Viking or Cafe Bai. Sometime, if you are lucky, they will give a card where you can avail the discount on your next visit. We were given I think twice, but I believe this is applicable only at lunchtime.

I don’t have comments about customer services since this is a buffet restaurant. We, the customers, are the one will be getting the food and grill the meat/seafood, and not them. So I can’t say much about the customer services of the restaurant.

Lastly, the environment of the restaurant is great since it is big and clean. The design is similar to most buffet restaurants in hotels, which is comfortable to eat with your friends or families.

Are there any downsides?

Despite it is a great buffet restaurant, it also has a downside. First of all, I don’t like the dessert section. Their cake taste just average, but not the best I tried except only one or two cakes. Also, sometimes there is not much to choose in the dessert section, which is not a concern. I love the food in yakimix, but the desserts are not my favorite. The taste is underwhelming.

In addition to that, sometimes they do not refill the food fast. I noticed some of the food are empty, and they will not be refilled. For example, I love the siomai beef ball in Yakimix, but I am very disappointed it was not refilled. I went to Yakimix buffet several times, and this is not the first time I experienced this. You have to go there earlier just to make sure you manage to get the food you want.

My Rating

I am satisfied eating in Yakimix, which my rating will be 8.8/10

  • The Food: 8.5/10 (The dessert section is the only section that I am not satisfied)
  • The Price: 9/10
  • The Customer Services: N/A
  • The Environment and Sanitation: 9/10


Yakimix is one of the best Asian buffet restaurants in Cebu City, and probably in the Philippines since they have branches nationwide. They are delicious, and the grilling is the best part since you can grill the meat and seafood. However, the dessert section is my least favorite, and they seem very little to choose from.

The price is relatively cheaper compared to other high-end buffet restaurants, and the place is comfortable to eat since it is big and classy.

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  1. The dessert part is true. For the refilling part, I think that they still do refill but it just takes really long and it’s game over because I’m already stuffed. So you’re right also because I suggest that you go there early. Since their lunch ends at 2PM, I noticed that they stop refilling when it’s almost 2PM which is sad because it seems like I’m only paying for the foods left.

    • I couldn’t agree more Kate. The refilling is one thing they need to improve. Nonetheless, I still love the food and I hope it will open once the pandemic is over. Thank you for sharing your experience. I appreciated.

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